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Services and Capabilities

Injection Molding

With over 31 machines ranging from 40 tons to 1000 tons, we use our presses to injection molding millions of high quality plastic goods every year for customers that demand quick lead times. We run a wide range of materials in the thermoplastic family, such as ABS, Polycarbonate, HIPS, Acetal, Acyrlic, and much more.


At our 100,000 square foot assembly facility, we offer discrete assembly services, riveting, sonic welding, heat bending, and more custom operations to help bring a any POP or custom project to life. Send in your purchased materials from your other vendors, and we will barcode and inventory it for you. Keep it all under one roof and save time and money with confidence!

Decorating & Finishing

Pantone perfect or specialty finishes are what set your product apart. Showcase your brand’s uniqueness by utilizing our custom decoration services. We offer painting and custom masking, pad printing, hot stamping and other finishing options. Or simply custom color match your molded goods and save time and money by running color in the injection molding process.

Tooling & Engineering

If you source your own injection molds or you are just getting started with a brand new design and need help with tooling, our team can make it happen with the benefit of our 50+ years of experience.

Quality Control

Whether you are running a project for big corporate brands or a small run custom product, our commitment to quality allows us to stand behind our work and gives you confidence you will get what you paid for.

Logistics & Fulfillment

Do you need warehousing or drop shipping of your finished goods? Or perhaps innovative barcoding solutions for a time sensitive fulfillment program? Anfinsen can help develop the most effective shipping solutions with our talented logistics staff and state of the art ERP systems.

About Us


We Make Displays POP

Anfinsen has maintained a large presence in the Point-of-Purchase display industry for several decades now. While the industry services a wide range of end-point distributors, such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Gas Stations, Target, and other convenience stores, we work closely with many of the marketing and design firms behind the scenes for these time-senstive projects. Product design tends to require a lot more time and years of research and development, while retail displays (for those products) are the last thing to be considered before launch to market, and competitors are always trying to beat each other to the market. This industry has created a high demand for American manufactures like Anfinsen, due to time constraints, quality issues, and solving problems on the fly.



Many of our customers come to us because we have developed a sense of urgency over the years in a fast-paced and competitive market. We will help you complete any custom project from concept to mid or high-volume production, but we particularly excel when the pressure is on. We will quote your custom projects in with a sense of urgency and lay out a road map we feel is one of the best in the industries without sacrificing quality.



Anfinsen Plastic Molding was founded in 1935 and started with molding small size molded parts that were a result of technical limitations of that era. We have since advanced in to molding large scale parts with complex geometries and materials, as well as a full assembly warehouse to manage customer supplied materials, like hardware, metal, custom-packaging, and other polymer based goods to complete your finished product. With a full inventory barcoding system, we are capable of managing large-scale programs that need storage till fulfillment and then on to the next project.

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What our clients are saying about Anfinsen.

The parts and finished display are exactly to our specifications and your ability to ship displays to stores has saved us from implementing warehousing and logistics!

— Mario Juliano, VP Operations | Edge Products

No problems with quality – we just get exactly what we hire them to do. After headaches trying to source displays overseas we’ve come full circle to Anfinsen.

— Fredrick Garland, Marketing Officer | Kirkland Foods

Anfinsen has provided us with high quality retail displays for many years – we consider them a partner in our push to retail strategy.

— Chuck Shumacher, Vice President | Global Brands

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